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Praxko Group is a value-based enterprise. The story of the Group was scripted in 1993 by Mr. Prathap Kumar, the founder and promoter of the Group. The journey towards finding a strong business foothold took him through roads less traveled and rough seas. Sheer passion and will-power paved the way for the establishment of the foundations of Praxko Group. 

Armed with the experience and resources, backed by experts and professionals, today, Praxko Group has grown its business interests ranging from trading to finance to retail. 

At Praxko, it has always been our core value to give back to the deserving, a better chance at life. The Group's philanthropic arm, Praxko Foundation is actively involved in providing humanitarian relief and assistance to the needy.

We believe and live the legacy of "WORD IS OUR BOND".



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We help you understand better ways to manage and grow your money. 

Be penny wise and pound smart.



We are part of a large ecosystem that fuels the global economy, by aiding in the movement of commodities, from agri to metals, from one place to another. 

We have mastered the nuances of managing the complex supply chain to emerge as a front-runner in the                                        international trading arena.  


We are changing the way the world looks at education, one student at a time!


Taking the motto of "Today's generation is the future tomorrow", ahead, with passion and grit.


We are the quintessential grocer next door. From fresh veggies to fruits and groceries, assorted confectioneries to daily needs, all your home needs are on us.


                      And we will take care of your wallet !   


We want to bring a healing touch to lives of humankind, in dire need and distress. We thought it would be a great idea to include the four-legged also, in our plans. 


Changing the world for humans and animals! 


We infuse technology into agriculture, to transform the way food is transported from farms to shelves. 


Everyone deserves affordable and fresh food.


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